Getting Up To Speed With Speed Seduction

Speed Seduction is built on the foundation of Neuro-linguistic Programming, or NLP for short, and hypnotic techniques.  Here I will present Ross Jeffries entire Getting Up To Speed With Speed Seduction for  your entertainment.  I'll also provide additional information from professionals that I know and respect from the Hypnosis and NLP comunityes.  You can think of Covert Hypnosis and NLP as a access or control panel to the human mind... because the mind in directly involved in everything you do you can use these tips, technuques and tactivs to do almost anything from creating attracting and seducing women to having fun with your friends at a party or even getting that raise you have been wanting from your boss.   
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Getting Up To Speed With Speed Seduction Module # 1



Getting Up To Speed With Speed Seduction Module # 2



Getting Up To Speed With Speed Seduction Module # 3


Getting Up To Speed With Speed Seduction Module # 4


Speed Seduction teaches you how to capture and lead an individuals imagination in order to direct their thinking to produce an outcome that is one that you have chosen. These same tools that Ross Jeffries teaches in his Speed Seduction classes are used by top advertising agencies to get you to buy whatever it is that they are pushing... Ross Jeffries just all the best of both the NLP and Hypnosis worlds and combines them in a unique and incredibly powerful way to help men quickly and easily seduce women.

In Module 4 Ross teaches how the language we use shapes and structures our experience. He also shows you how to use embedded commands and embedded suggestions to guide the thought and actions of others.

I have personally had a lot of fun with the information in this module 4.  I have included some amazing content from other experts that I have met and respect that you can watch and eminently put to work for you... in any way you see fit... just be ethical in how you use these powerful tools.

One of my favorite Hypnosis and NLP experts is Steve G. Jones.  Jones is a clinical hypnotherapist who had a successful practice in  LA. Steve G. Jones teaches a little bit of everything from how to have fun with hypnosis... to how to open and separate a successful hypnotherapy practice.

Fore more on Steve G. Jones and all the tools and products he offers feel free to checkout his official website here... and be sure to bookmark it.

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 Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis


I use this powerful Covert Conversational Hypnosis technique all the time with my friends at parties, bars and clubs and even with complete strangers.  I have even used it to get out of trouble back in my university days. 
Try this next time you are out with your friends.


Use the power of conversational hypnosis and embedded commands to make you friends, family, and even complete strangers do as you command.  You can use this in emails, text messages, instant messages... if you like this you'll also like the Analog Marking video.  

Getting Up To Speed With Speed Seduction Module # 5


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