Does Hypnosis Really Work?

Good question! It's so good that I though it desires to be answered.  Besides my own personal success with hypnosis I thought I should try and find some good examples of hypnosis being put to the test.  I found a great little video from the gang over at Myth Busters! As well as some other trust worthy people... but you don't have to take my word for it... feel free to test it yourself. 

Does Hypnosis Work?

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Jim Katsoulis and Tellman Knudson know what they are talking about... and as some one who has studied hypnosis in all its various forms for the past 10 years... it takes a lot to impress me.  Jim  and Tellman did just that... they impressed me by showing me things about hypnosis that you normaly only learn from the more expincive programs.

I'm not going to ask you to spend a dime... but I will recogmend getting their free newsletter

The Truth About Hypnosis and SEX!

This is something I get asked about all the time... and yes it can really get things going in that direction if that what you are wanting to do. You cant hypnotize someone to sleep with you against their will... there is no hypnotic date rape drug if you will... thank God! theirs not.  But hypnosis can change a persons  feelings towards you and really help amplify attraction and escalate things rather quickly... Speed Seduction and Hypno Poetics are both great for doing just that.    

The Hypnosis Myth?

This is from one of the most popular shows that the Myth Busters have done to date! 
Keeping with the theme of this page I though I would post this video. Check out what happens when the myth busters set out to test hypnosis myths to try and see if hypnosis is as effective.   


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