Cocky and Funny

J-Mo's Street Sarge Video

So many guys today are looking for an a seduction or attraction “Instant Fix”  when it comes to improving their social skills and getting dates. One of the easiest techniques out there today is one of  David DeAngelo’s Cocky Comedy (or as some people call it Cocky and Funny).  In the video (right) Jason Moffatt  (J-Mo) shows his twist on  this powerful technique. If you don't have ANY of David's eBook, you might might not know much about this technique... its actually one of the most powerful  techniques I have seen.  David DeAngelo also has a program that expands on the eBook that he calls Cocky Comedy.  It is a staple of the successful dating life that you want to have.

The thing about Cocky Comedy is that it can be used by any man, anywhere, and its much more than a “routine” to make a woman laugh. Cocky Comedy is all about presenting an image of an alpha male, the image of a cool, relaxed man-in-charge. The entire premise is to CREATE ATTRACTION.

One of the great things about Cocky Comedy is that you can start using it by simply learning a few proven "lines" some times called a "canned opener" then getting out there and trying them out. It's a great way to practice and the best part is that you will see INSTANT RESULTS. 
Some time ago someone asked Jason... "If you had to pick up a date in the next hour and it was vital that you succeed, what would you do?". Here's what he did.
In addition to approaching and opening women Jason demonstrates how to approach and open a group of women and ends up having them compete for his attention. This video demonstrates good use of Cocky Comedy and many of Mystery's concepts as well.  Mystery, creator of the "Mystery Method" now called "The Love System" teaches men to be more sociable and approach women in groups instead of when they are alone.    By the way... Mystery is at it again with a brand new book for 2010! To learn more checkout his new website and be sure to grab a copy of his newsletter!   
Its never been a better time to go back to school.
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